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  • NI-811 is the latest generation of high-phosphorus electroless nickel precipitation process,it does not require the use of lead stabilizers. Because it is lead-free,this system can meet the ELV requirements and standards of the automotive industry.
    In addition,the use of this process can also meet the WEEE regulations and ROHS requirements of the electronics industry.

  • NI-809 is the latest generation of lead-free and cadmium-free electroless nickel deposition process. Because it is lead-free and cadmium-free,this system can meet the ELV regulations of the automotive industry.
    In addition,the use of this process can also meet the WEEE regulations of the electronics industry.

  • Copper, nickel, chromium and other electroplating layers on stainless steel hangers can be removed at one time under near neutral conditions, without damage to the hangers, without hexavalent chromium and cyanide, and without harmful gases at work. It is a new environmentally friendly product

  • The Sn-830 pure tin process affects the coordination of tin ions in the nearly neutral plating solution,thereby solving the phenomenon of sticking of small workpieces.
    It is specially designed for the barrel plating application of small-size workpieces,and can obtain a smooth and uniform semi-gloss pure tin plating layer in a very wide current density range.

  • Sn-819 is a tin plating process based on methanesulfonic acid substrate.
    The coating is bright,suitable for rack plating and barrel plating.
    The weldability of the coating is superior.
    The plating solution does not corrode titanium,ceramics,and glass.

  • Alkaline zinc nickel alloy brightener BZ-617 is an alkaline zinc nickel alloy electroplating process designed to meet the market needs of up to 16% nickel alloy content.
    This electroplated alloy can provide excellent corrosion-resistant appearance and tolerance to post-passivation heat treatment.
    Can provide a complete range of coatings, including: color blunt, blue blunt, white blunt and black blunt.