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  • This process is a new cyanide-free alkaline zinc electroplating process.Its unique formula provides excellent distribution power to the plating solution without affecting the plating rate and cathode efficiency.
    The main advantages for users include reducing plating time,making zinc more efficient in use,simple operation and not easy to burn,and easy operation.

  • This process is a new alkaline zinc plating process without cyanide. Its unique formulation provides excellent distribution force to the bath without affecting plating rate and cathode efficiency. The main advantages for users include reduced plating time

  • This process is a new type of alkaline barrel plating process without cyanide and chelating agent. It can provide users with many advantages, including flat coating, better zinc usage, easy handling, and tolerance to scorching of the coating.

  • This process is not containing the CN - and novel alkaline chelating agent of the barrel plating process. It provides a number of advantages for the user, including coating formation, it is a good zinc utilization, easy to operate, and tolerance for the burnt plating layer.

  • Acid galvanized brightener BZ-528 the coating has fine crystallization,excellent ductility and dispersion ability,easy passivation,uniform coating,good fullness,good salt spray resistance after passivation.

  • The coating has fine crystals, excellent ductility and dispersion ability, and is easy to passivation;
    Less organic decomposition, strong resistance to impurities in the plating solution ;
    The coating is uniform, fullness is good, and salt spray is high after passivation.