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When the black zinc passivator is used in the production, the film of the workpiece is gray and foggy, which may be caused by the aging of the light emitting liquid


In the production process when we use Black zinc passivator , sometimes the film layer of the workpiece is foggy after passivation, which is not necessarily due to poor plating quality of the workpiece, or improper use of passivation agent, but may be the aging of the light emitting liquid caused.

Since Mr. Li’s galvanizing plant has a relatively large workload for the passivation of the workpiece, the replacement frequency of the luminescent solution before passivation is relatively small, and Mr. Li mistakenly believes that the poor effect of the luminescent solution is caused by the low concentration of nitric acid, so just add nitric acid. Yes, as a result, a fog-colored film appeared after the workpiece was passivated. However, Mr. Li processed the galvanizing bath and passivation bath, but the film layer of the workpiece was still foggy. Due to a serious delay in production, Mr. Li hurriedly asked Bigley engineers to help solve the problem.

After Bigley engineers rushed to the site, they checked the production process based on field experience and the characteristics of the product trivalent chromium black zinc passivation agent. After analyzing the galvanizing bath, luminescent solution and passivation solution, they found the luminescent solution The zinc ion concentration is too high. After replacing the light-emitting liquid with a new one, the phenomenon of the foggy film layer is solved.

In order to avoid this failure phenomenon from happening again, Bigley's engineer urged Mr. Li to replace the luminescent solution in time during the production process, and the concentration of zinc ions in the luminescent solution should not exceed 5g/L, otherwise the film will be lost after the workpiece is passivated. A foggy color will appear.

Therefore, in the production process of using black zinc passivation agent, we should also pay attention to the quality of the brightening solution. In the production process, strengthening the maintenance and management of the zinc plating solution, brightening solution and passivation solution can effectively avoid the appearance of workpieces. The phenomenon of fog color film reduces the occurrence of failures. If you are interested in black zinc passivation agents, you may wish to contact Bigley customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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