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The coating of the computer case is uneven after alkaline galvanizing. You may try this alkaline galvanizing brightener.


    Mr. Gao is the owner of an electroplating factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.Their electroplating production line is mainly for the processing and production of galvanized computer casings.Mr. Gao's casing workpiece has always had a problem, that is, the area of the workpiece is relatively large, and the thickness of the coating after galvanizing is not uniform.If the customer requests a workpiece with a thickness of 5μm, the high area of the workpiece plated by Mr. Gao’s production line is 8μm, while the low area is only 3μm thick.Therefore, Mr. Gao wanted to replace an alkaline galvanized brightener with a more uniform coating.

    By chance, Mr. Gao found Bigolly's alkaline galvanizing brightener BZ-515 by searching the Internet, and communicated with the engineer in detail.After the engineer understood Mr. Gao's requirements for the workpiece, he recommended Mr. Gao to use this galvanized brightener BZ-515.In addition to the good brightness of the coating, this brightener has good coating thickness uniformity, that is, the ratio of the high area to the low area of the workpiece coating is 1.2~1.6:1.This just meets Mr. Gao's requirements for brighteners.So Mr. Gao bought 1 barrel of BZ-515 products and went back for testing.

    A month later, Mr. Gao directly signed a long-term purchase and sales contract with Bigolly.It turned out that after a month of continuous testing, this alkaline galvanized brightener BZ-515 has a bright appearance, the coating will not appear whitish and foggy, and the deep plating ability and dispersing ability of the coating are good.Mr. Gao used BZ-515 to test 15 batches of workpieces, and the coating thickness is 4~6μm, which is in line with the coating requirements of the workpiece.And the use of this brightener BZ-515 can save more than 20% of the production cost.

    Therefore, when the thickness of the galvanized layer after galvanizing the large workpieces we produce is uneven, try this alkaline galvanizing brightener BZ-515.If you are also looking for such an alkaline galvanizing brightener with good uniformity, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!