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Use this trivalent chromium color passivator for acid zinc barrel plating, which can produce hexavalent chromium passivated colors


    Mr. Zhang is the owner of an electroplating factory in Shenzhen. Its production line is mainly for galvanizing production of small hardware accessories (such as motor casings).Mr. Zhang has customers who have stricter requirements on the appearance of the workpiece, and need to make the appearance of hexavalent chromium passivation.However, the trivalent chromium color passivators from several suppliers that Mr. Zhang used could not produce the appearance color that the customer wanted, and the color was not uniform.

    One day, Mr. Zhang saw Bigolly Technology's product BZ-207 while searching the Internet for "trivalent chromium color passivator", and felt that the rendering of this product was the color his client wanted.So Mr. Zhang called and consulted Bigolly's engineers to learn more about this product, trivalent chromium color passivator, and asked the engineer to provide more renderings for reference.After confirming the product renderings and quotation, Mr. Zhang decided to buy a sample for testing first.

    Under the patient guidance of the engineer, Mr. Zhang used the workpiece of his own production line to proof this trivalent chromium color passivator.In the process of proofing, Mr. Zhang found that this passivator has a characteristic, that is, the color of the passivation film of the workpiece can be adjusted by himself.If some customers like uniform yellow, and some customers like reddish, this trivalent chromium color passivator can solve it.So Mr. Zhang directly signed a long-term cooperation purchase and sales contract.

    At present, the appearance of the workpieces produced by Mr. Zhang can meet the needs of customers, and the corrosion resistance of the workpieces is also very good. The neutral salt spray test has increased from less than 48 hours before to more than 72 hours now.This also brought a lot of new customers to Mr. Zhang.

    Therefore, the workpiece produced by acid zinc barrel plating needs to make the color appearance of hexavalent chromium passivation. You may try this trivalent chromium color passivator BZ-207 from Bigolly.If you are looking for such a trivalent chromium color passivator with uniform color and good corrosion resistance, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!