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The coating of nickel-chromium-plated workpiece has blooming phenomenon. Is this the improper use of nickel plating brightener?


    In our daily nickel-chromium plating process, sometimes the coating of the workpiece is flowered after chrome-plating, which will affect the appearance quality of the coating.Is this blooming caused by improper use of our nickel plating brightener?

     Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's,this phenomenon is not due to improper use of nickel plating brighteners, but mainly for the following three reasons:

    1. The concentration of saccharin in the plating solution is too high.In order to save costs, some nickel-plating factories buy saccharin to supplement it, although it can refine the crystallization and provide a certain brightness.However, when the concentration of saccharin is too high, the leveling of the coating will be poor, the brightness will also decrease, and the coating will be whitish and flowery.When the content of saccharin in the plating solution is high, electrolysis can be used to consume the excess saccharin.

    2. The workpiece is placed for too long after nickel plating.If the workpiece is left for a long time after being nickel-plated, the surface of the nickel layer is easily oxidized, so that the chromium layer is prone to blooming after chrome-plating.Therefore, we should try to shorten the time for the workpiece to be put aside after nickel plating during production.

    3. The workpiece is not clean after nickel plating.If the workpiece is not washed cleanly, there is residual solution on the surface of the nickel plating layer, and the surface of the plating layer is prone to bloom after chrome plating.During production, the water washing after nickel plating should be strengthened to ensure that the workpiece is washed clean after nickel plating, so that the workpiece has a good quality coating after chrome plating.

    Therefore, the chrome layer of our workpiece has blooming phenomenon after nickel-chromium plating, which is not the improper use of nickel plating brightener.However, it is necessary to check the concentration of saccharin in the plating solution, as well as the storage time and water washing after nickel plating, so as to avoid the occurrence of blooming of the chromium layer of the workpiece.If you are interested in nickel plating brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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