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The adhesion of the PI plastic after electroless nickel plating is not good, try this product with electroless nickel plating additives


    Mr. Xu has a large-scale electroplating factory in Guangzhou, and his production line is mainly engaged in the production and processing of chemical nickel plating on plastics.Recently, Mr. Xu encountered a problem. The customer has a PI plastic with poor adhesion after electroless nickel plating, and he has tried several electroless nickel plating additives from different manufacturers, but the results are not satisfactory.

    One day, Mr. Xu saw Bigolly's electroless nickel plating additive PL-7 while searching on the Internet, and he consulted Bigolly's engineers with a mentality of giving it a try.Since the engineer explained the characteristics of this additive to Mr. Xu in detail, he suggested that Mr. Xu could send samples to Bigley for proofing.So, Mr. Xu sent samples and put forward the coating requirements of the products.After the engineer got the sample, he started the proofing work and found that the material could not be carried out according to the conventional production process, so he redesigned the process flow.Two days later, the engineer proofed the sample according to the design process and sent it back to Mr. Xu.

    Mr. Xu tested the performance of the samples and found that the adhesion of the coatings of the samples treated in this way was very good.Mr. Xu was very happy, so he bought a small amount of samples and tried it himself.Under the patient guidance of the engineer, the bonding force of the workpieces produced by Mr. Xu is also very good.So Mr. Xu directly placed an order to buy this series of electroless nickel plating additives.

    After Mr. Xu used the electroless nickel plating additive, the workpiece no longer had the problem of poor adhesion, and the plating solution was very stable.Now Mr. Xu has become an old customer of Bigolly, and he buys electroless nickel plating additives every month.

    Therefore, when we are in the production process, when the bonding force of the electroless nickel layer of the PI workpiece is not good, we may try Bigolly's electroless nickel plating additive PL-7.If you are looking for an additive for electroless nickel plating with good bonding,you may wish to contact Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!