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After the hardware is plated with blue zinc, the coating is easy to turn white and foggy, try this galvanized trivalent chromium blue passivator


    Mr. Zhang is the owner of an electroplating factory in Taizhou, Jiangsu. Their company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of galvanized hardware accessories.The galvanized trivalent chromium blue passivator used in his production line has always had a problem, that is, the hole of the workpiece is prone to whitening and fogging, and the corrosion resistance is relatively poor.

    One day, while searching the Internet, Mr. Zhang saw a trivalent chromium blue passivator BZ-212 from Bigolly Technology.And called Bigolly's engineers to learn more about the characteristics and operating parameters of this blue passivation agent.The engineer provided several customer production renderings for Mr. Zhang's reference. After confirming the appearance and quotation of the product, Mr. Zhang decided to buy a small sample for testing first.

    Mr. Zhang tested this blue passivator under the guidance of Bigolly engineers.A week later, Mr. Zhang replied that the blue passivator was much better than the one he used before.After the workpiece is passivated, it shows a uniform blue film, and the operating range is wide. The pH value is 2.0~2.8, and the idle time is 30s. The passivation film still shows a uniform blue color, no color difference, and no yellowing.The passivator he used before needs to control the pH value at 2.5~2.8, which is very difficult to operate, and is prone to whitening and fogging.Therefore, Mr. Zhang directly placed an order to buy 20 barrels of galvanized trivalent chromium blue passivator BZ-212.

    Now Mr. Zhang's production line is very stable, the appearance of the workpieces produced is uniform, and there is no white fog anymore, and the corrosion resistance of the workpieces is also very good, which can meet the needs of customers and pass the neutral salt spray test for 72 hours.

    Therefore, when we use galvanized trivalent chromium blue passivator, the passivation film is prone to whitish and foggy phenomenon, you might as well try this trivalent chromium blue passivation agent from Bigolly BZ-212.If you are also looking for such a trivalent chromium blue passivator,you may wish to contact Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!