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The welding performance of the tin plating layer of the workpiece is not good, try this matte tin plating additive Sn-808


    Mr. Fu's company is a tin electroplating factory in Shenzhen that processes electronic products.The workpieces they produce need to have good welding performance, otherwise it will directly affect the electrical conductivity and service life of electronic products.Recently, the workpieces produced by Mr. Fu using matte tin plating additives have problems such as insufficient white appearance and weak welding of the tin plating layer.

    So Mr. Fu found Bigolly by searching for "matte tin plating additive", and communicated with the engineer in detail about the appearance of this matte tin plating additive Sn-808, the welding performance and the corrosion resistance.The engineer answered Mr. Fu in detail, and sent several product renderings to Mr. Fu to determine the appearance of the product.After confirming the appearance of the product's renderings and the quotation, Mr. Fu said that he needed to further confirm the coating quality of this matte tin-plating additive, and applied for a sample with the engineer.

    A week later, Mr. Fu contacted the engineer and said that after using this matte tin plating additive, the appearance of the workpiece coating is uniform, the matte is soft, and the whiteness is moderate, which fully meets the needs of customers;The welding performance of the workpiece coating is also very good, and the yield of a batch of products is more than 5% higher than that of the previous additive.So Mr. Fu directly placed an order to buy a bucket of Matte Tin Plating Additive Sn-808.Now Mr. Fu's production line is stable, and he buys several barrels of matte tinning additives every month.

    Therefore, when we use the matte tinning additive, the appearance of the product is not white enough, or the welding performance is not good, we may try this matte tin plating additive Sn-808 from Bigolly Technology.If you are looking for a matte tin plating additive with good coating appearance and performance,you may wish to contact Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!