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3 reasons for the poor deep plating ability of the bath when produced with sulfate tin plating brighteners


    In the production process of using sulfate tin plating brightener, sometimes the deep plating ability of the plating solution is poor, and the brightness and leveling of the plating layer are insufficient. What is the reason?

       Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's sulfate tin plating brightener Sn-807,There are three main points:

    1. The concentration of the components of the plating solution deviates from the process range.When the content of stannous sulfate exceeds 35g/L, the deep plating ability of the plating solution decreases significantly;If the content is too low, the cathode current efficiency decreases.The sulfuric acid content is too high, the anodic dissolution is accelerated, and the plating solution is unstable;If the content is too low, the deep plating ability will be poor.In addition, the temperature is too high will reduce the brightener of the workpiece.

    2. The selected sulfate tin plating brightener is inappropriate.It is very important to choose a suitable brightener for sulfate tin plating,like Bigolly Technology's sulfate tin plating brightener Sn-807, a bright and flat coating can be obtained within the current density range of 0.5~1A/dm2.

    3. The influence of metal impurities in the plating solution.If there are metal impurities (such as iron, copper, nickel and zinc) in the bath, it will affect the brightness of the low current density area.Metal impurities can be removed by electrolysis with a small current of 0.1~0.3A/dm2.

    Therefore, we need to pay attention to these three points in the production process of using sulfate tin plating brightener, which can maintain the plating solution with good deep plating ability and reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in sulfate tin plating brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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