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Reasons for out-of-control Sn2+ concentration in the plating solution during the production process using sulfate tin plating additives


    In the production process of using sulfate tin plating additives, the concentration of Sn2+ in the plating solution is often out of control.With the prolongation of production time, the concentration of Sn2+ will rise rapidly. When the concentration of Sn2+ exceeds 35g/L, the plating solution begins to deteriorate and the deep plating ability is poor.What is the main reason for the out-of-control Sn2+ concentration?

    Bigolly Technology analyzes according to the field experience and the characteristics of product sulfate tin plating additives Sn-807,there are mainly two reasons:

    1. The current efficiency of cathode and anode is quite different.In the tin plating solution, the tin anode not only dissolves electrochemically, but also dissolves by chemical reaction with sulfuric acid, so the anode current efficiency is as high as 100%.However, due to the low Sn2+ concentration in the plating solution, the high sulfuric acid concentration, and the low operating temperature, the current efficiency of the cathode is generally only 92~96%.The anodic current efficiency is higher than the cathodic current efficiency. As the electroplating progresses, the Sn2+ concentration in the bath will become higher and higher.

    2. The selected sulfate tin plating additive is inappropriate.The technology of some tin plating additives on the market is not mature. About 1 month after production, the plating solution will start to become cloudy, and the Sn2+ concentration will exceed 35g/L.In order to maintain production, the plating solution can only be continuously diluted, which is not only troublesome to operate, but also increases production costs.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a tin plating additive with mature and stable technology, such as the sulfate tin plating additive Sn-807 of Bigolly Technology.Its brightness and welding performance can meet the requirements of customers, not only can increase the output, but also the plating solution is very stable.Some customers have been using it for more than a year, and the plating solution has not become cloudy, and the Sn2+ concentration has always been maintained at 20~30g/L.

    Therefore, we need to remember the above two points in the production process of using sulfate tin plating additives, which can prevent the Sn2+ concentration in the plating solution from running out of control and reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in sulfate tin plating additives, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!   

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