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4 reasons for poor coating coverage during production using acid matte tin additives


    In the production process of using acid matte tin additives, sometimes the coverage of the tin plating layer is poor, which affects the quality of the plating layer. What is the reason?

      Bigolly Technology analyzes according to the field experience and the characteristics of product acid matte tin additives Sn-808,there are 4 main reasons:

    1. The concentration of stannous sulfate in the plating solution is too high.Stannous sulfate is the main salt of the plating solution, which can increase the cathode current density and accelerate the deposition speed within the allowable range.However, if the concentration is too high, the covering ability of the plating solution will decrease, the color of the coating will be darker, the crystal will be rough, and the bright area will be reduced.

    2. The concentration of sulfuric acid in the bath is too low.Sulfuric acid has the functions of preventing the hydrolysis of stannous, reducing the activity of stannous ions, improving the conductivity of the plating solution and improving the efficiency of anode current.When the concentration of sulfuric acid is too low, the stannous ions are easily oxidized to tetravalent tin, so that the plating solution remains turbid, and the covering power of the plating layer will deteriorate.

    3. The concentration of matte tin additive is too low.Matte tin additives can improve the cathodic polarization, refine the crystallization of the coating, and improve the dispersibility of the plating solution.When the concentration of the matte tin additive is too low, the dispersing ability of the plating solution is not good, and the covering ability of the coating layer will be poor.

    4. The temperature of the plating solution is too high.The temperature of the bath during tin plating production should be controlled within the process range.When the temperature is too high, the plating solution will easily become cloudy and there will be precipitates, the plating layer is relatively rough, the covering ability of the plating layer is not good, and the plating layer will have problems such as darkening, blooming, and decreased solderability.

    Therefore, we pay attention to the above four points in the production process of using acid matte tin additives, which can prevent the problem of poor coverage of the coating and reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in acid matte tin additives, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!   

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