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4 reasons why tin plating has white fog during production using sulfate tin plating additives


    In the production process of using sulfate tin plating additives, sometimes there will be white fog on the tin plating layer. What is the reason?

    Bigolly Technology analyzes according to the field experience and the characteristics of product sulfate tin plating additives Sn-807,there are four main reasons:

    1. The quality of the tin plating brightener used is poor.Tin plating brightener can obtain a coating with uniform brightness in both high and low current density areas under normal process conditions.When using inferior tin-plating brighteners, the thickness of the coating is thin within the specified electroplating time, and it is easy to fog.

    2. The concentration of tin plating brightener is insufficient or excessive.In the sulfate tin plating process, insufficient or excessive tin brightener will cause insufficient brightness and fogging of the coating.We can determine the condition of the brightener through the Hull cell experiment.When the brightener is insufficient, the required brightener should be supplemented;when the brightener is excessive, activated carbon adsorption can be used to remove the excess brightener.

    3. There are too many organic impurities in the plating solution.The accumulation of organic impurities will deepen the color of the plating solution and increase the viscosity, which will cause brittleness, streaks, fogging or pinholes in the coating.Organic impurities can be removed regularly by 1~3g/L activated carbon adsorption.

    4. The plating solution is cloudy.The turbidity of the plating solution or the increase of precipitates will make the coating rough, with poor uniformity, fogging and poor solderability.If the plating solution is cloudy, a flocculant can be added to filter the plating solution.

    Therefore, we should pay attention to these four points in the production process of using sulfate tin plating additives, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of white fog on the coating of the workpiece, reduce the occurrence of failures, and save production costs.If you are interested in sulfate tin plating additives, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!   

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