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It is very important to choose a suitable galvanized trivalent chromium colorful passivator


    Mr. Luo's factory is galvanized for small hardware parts. Many workpieces are to be galvanized and color passivated, and they have the appearance of hexavalent chromium color passivation.However, in the face of the constraints of environmental protection policies, the use of hexavalent chromium color passivators for galvanized is prohibited, and Mr. Luo has to use galvanized trivalent chromium color passivators.

    However, after Mr. Luo used galvanized trivalent chromium passivation agent, the appearance of the product always failed to meet the customer's requirements.The appearance color difference of some workpieces is too large, and the yellow-reddish color cannot be achieved;the corrosion resistance of some workpieces is too poor to meet the performance requirements of the workpiece;Some baths have poor stability and poor tolerance of impurities. The passivation solution needs to be re-grooved after a few days of use, and the cost of use is high.For this reason, Mr. Luo was very distressed. During this period, he also changed several galvanized trivalent chromium multicolor passivators, and this light yellow appearance can only be accepted reluctantly.

    Until one day, when Mr. Luo was drinking tea with a friend, he saw that the friend was using Bigolly's BZ-207 galvanized trivalent chromium color passivators.Not only its appearance is very close to that of hexavalent chromium, but also various performance tests of the workpiece are qualified, and the bath liquid is very stable, with high impurity tolerance and long service life, which can save production costs.

    Mr. Luo was very excited and immediately contacted Bigolly's engineers.At the beginning, Mr. Luo took a sample of this galvanized trivalent chromium color passivators BZ-207 for testing. The results showed that the appearance and performance of the workpiece could meet the needs of customers.So Mr. Luo directly slotted for production and found that this product is really good.

    This passivator has a wide operating range, the appearance of the workpiece is very uniform, and the maintenance and management are simple;moreover, it has a high tolerance against impurities, and it has no effect on the production of iron impurities exceeding 100ppm;In addition, the corrosion resistance of the workpiece after passivation is excellent, and the neutral salt spray test is more than 120 hours.Since using this galvanized trivalent chromium color passivators BZ-207 from Bigolly,Mr. Luo's customers are satisfied with the appearance and performance of the product.

    Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable ggalvanized trivalent chromium color passivators, such as Bigolly's BZ-207, not only the appearance and performance of the workpiece can meet the customer's requirements, but also can reduce the production cost,It's well worth it!