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Remember these 6 points when using acid galvanized brightener to produce, the corrosion resistance of the workpiece will be improved by more than 3 times


    In the production process of using acid galvanized brightener, the quality of the passive film of galvanized workpiece and the improvement and stability of corrosion resistance are very important.The choice of passivation agent, whether the operating procedure is in place, whether the method is appropriate, etc. will play a decisive role in the quality of the passivation film of the workpiece.

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid galvanized brightener BZ-528,summarize the following 6 points:

    1. Zinc plate chooses 0# zinc, and other materials such as potassium chloride and boric acid should be produced by manufacturers with high purity and good quality and reputation as much as possible.

    2. Pre-treatment process: Degreasing, wax removal and rust removal of the workpiece substrate must be in place to avoid bringing impurities of the substrate into the plating tank and affecting the quality of the galvanized layer.

    3. Galvanizing process: Prepare according to the technical parameters of acid galvanizing brightener.Generally, those with high corrosive performance requirements should be prepared with pure water, and those with low requirements can be prepared with tap water, but water sources with excessive minerals such as spring water and well water cannot be used.

    4. Passivation treatment: Prepare passivation water according to the passivation agent process, and purchase passivation agents produced by manufacturers with excellent performance (such as Bigolly's Zn-98),and in accordance with the process parameters to do maintenance, aging treatment.

    5. Routine maintenance: Check and adjust the pH value of the acid zinc plating solution before starting the machine, add impurity remover regularly to reduce the influence of impurities in the plating solution, and regularly use electrolysis and filtration to purify the plating solution to keep the performance of the plating solution stable.

    6. Coating thickness: According to the standard requirements of zinc layer, the thickness should reach 5 μm, to ensure that the coating has sufficient thickness after passivation.

    Experiments have proved that when using acid galvanized brightener, keep the above 6 points firmly in mind, and the corrosion resistance will be increased by more than 3 times!If you are interested in acid galvanized brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information! 

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