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4 factors that affect the hardness of the coating when produced with an electroless nickel plating solution


    Many customers want the electroless nickel layer of the workpiece to have relatively high hardness when using electroless nickel plating solution for production.So what factors are related to the hardness of the coating?

     Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809,there are mainly 4 factors:

    1. The phosphorus content of the chemical nickel layer.As the phosphorus content in the electroless nickel layer increases, the hardness decreases accordingly.That is, the hardness of medium phosphorus chemical nickel will be higher than that of high phosphorus chemical nickel.

    2. Electroless nickel plating solution.The chemical nickel plating solution of different manufacturers has different contents of each component, the composition of the prepared plating solution and the proportion of each component are also different, and the hardness of the obtained chemical nickel layer is different.In addition, the pH value and temperature of the plating solution also have a certain influence on the hardness of the electroless nickel layer.

    3. Heat treatment medium.When the chemical nickel layer is heat treated in different media, the hardness changes are different.

    4. Heat treatment temperature.The electroless nickel layer is heat treated at a suitable temperature, and the hardness of the coating will increase with the increase of temperature.When the heat treatment temperature exceeds 400°C, the hardness of the electroless nickel layer decreases on the contrary.

    Therefore, if the hardness of the electroless nickel layer is to be high, it is recommended to choose the electroless nickel plating solution produced by the big brand electroless nickel plating solution manufacturer (such as Ni-809 of Bigolly).During production, the parameters of the plating solution should be correctly controlled and heat treatment should be done.If you are interested in electroless nickel plating solution, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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