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When using alkaline galvanizing additives for production, the use of zinc melting tank should pay attention to these 4 points


    When we use alkaline galvanizing additives to produce, the correct use of zinc melting tank can provide stable concentration of zinc ions and sodium hydroxide.So what should we pay attention to when using it?

      Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's alkaline galvanizing additives BZ-515,When using the zinc melting tank, pay attention to these 4 points:

    1. The plating solution in the zinc-dissolving tank should be convective: there should be a pumping pipe at the bottom of the zinc-dissolving tank. By pumping, the plating solution can keep a good movement and promote the dissolution of metal zinc.

    2. The piping system of the zinc melting tank is made of alkali-resistant polypropylene plastic, and the valves used are also made of high-quality polypropylene.It can ensure the service life and reliability, and effectively control the entry and exit of the plating solution in the zinc melting tank and the plating tank.The size of the pipe diameter depends on the size of the galvanizing bath and the daily high quality.

    3. The filter is necessary for the alkaline zinc plating solution, and the filter with auxiliary media (such as diatomite, activated carbon) can effectively prolong the service life.The filter can filter out insoluble impurities in the zinc-dissolving bath plating solution and reduce the pollution of impurities to the plating solution.

    4. The circulating pump should be able to resist the corrosion of the high alkaline plating solution, and at the same time, it should ensure that there is enough circulation volume.The specifications of the circulating pump should usually ensure that the plating solution circulates 2-3 cycles per hour.For example, a 15,000-liter bath of zinc-dissolving bath requires a circulating pump that can transmit 30,000-45,000 liters of bath per hour.

    Therefore, in the production process of using alkaline galvanizing additives, we need to pay attention to these 4 points when using the zinc-dissolving tank.If you are interested in alkaline galvanizing additives, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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