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There are small spots on the surface of the nickel plated workpiece. Does this have anything to do with the use of nickel plating additives?


    In the production process of using nickel plating additives, sometimes the parameters such as the composition of the plating solution and the operating conditions are normal, but the coating will appear fine spots, which affects the coating quality of the workpiece.Mr. Lin from Chaozhou encountered such a situation. Does it have anything to do with the nickel plating additives used?

    After Bigolly's engineers came to the site for analysis, they found that the production process in Mr. Lin's factory was defective.Generally, the chrome plating tank is located downwind of the nickel plating tank or not too far away from the nickel plating tank.Under normal circumstances, the chrome-plating tank with a powerful exhaust fan is installed, and the chrome mist will not float to the nearby nickel-plating tank.

    Because the exhaust fan of Mr. Lin's production line has not been cleaned for a long time, the exhaust air volume is very small, so the chrome mist generated during the chrome plating process cannot be completely discharged.Under the action of air, the residual chromium mist will easily float above the nickel tank, and when the strong oxidizing chromium mist falls on the surface of the workpiece to be plated, countless tiny spots will be produced.

    Under the suggestion of Bigolly's engineer, Mr. Lin cleaned the exhaust fan above the chrome groove to enhance the exhaust effect.In addition, the chrome tank is separated by a fence, so that the residual chrome mist will not float above other plating tanks even if it is affected by the environment and climate.

    After rectifying the chrome tank, Mr. Lin's nickel-plated workpiece no longer has small spots.Mr. Lin said happily that Bigley engineers can not only solve the problems of the plating solution, but also provide services for improving the design of the production process!Such attentive service is really reassuring and worry-free!

    Therefore, sometimes the small spots on the workpiece are not necessarily a problem of process parameters, nor is it necessarily a problem of the nickel plating additives used, but may be a defect in the on-site process.