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In the production process using high phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution, the bath should be maintained like this!


    Metal salts and reducing agents coexist in the high phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution and are in a metastable state.Proper maintenance of the bath during use can improve the service life of the bath and the quality of the coating.So how should the plating solution be maintained?

     Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's high phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution Ni-811,the plating solution should be maintained as follows:

    1. Regularly measure the temperature and pH of the plating solution, keep it within the operating range, and do not fluctuate greatly.

    2. Ensure that the nickel content in the plating solution is within the operating range. If it is insufficient, it should be supplemented in time, and the interval of supplementation should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the amount of single addition; or automatic tracking and analysis of supplementation, the effect is better.

    3. The plating solution should be filtered frequently to remove harmful particles in the plating solution.

    4. Avoid long-term high-temperature no-load or severe overload of the plating solution, and the plating tank should ensure that the plating parts are evenly distributed.

    5. When the plating solution is not in use, it should be covered to prevent harmful substances such as dust from falling into it.

    6. The plating solution is poured out into a clean plating tank after production, and soaked in dilute nitric acid to remove the deposits in the original plating tank.

    7. The plating solution should avoid adding or bringing in other harmful impurities such as organics and heavy metal ions.

    8. The workshop should be equipped with a record book to record the replenishment of electroless nickel plating solution, pH value adjustment, the number of types of plating parts and other operational aspects and save them in time.

    Therefore, in the production process of using high phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution, the maintenance of the plating solution can effectively improve the service life of the plating solution and the coating quality of the workpiece.If you are interested in high phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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