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4 Reasons for Rough Crystallization of Coatings When Produced with Matte Tin Additives


    In the production process of using matte tin additives, sometimes the crystallization of the workpiece coating will be rough, which affects the quality of the coating. What is the reason for this?

     Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's matte tin additives Sn-808there are 4 main reasons:

    1. The temperature of the plating solution is too high.When the temperature is too high, the plating solution will easily become turbid, the precipitation will increase, and the coating will be rough and dark.

    2. The cathode current density is too high.If the current density is too high, the tin plating layer will be loose, rough, porous, and the edges will be easily scorched and brittle.

    3. The content of tin ions in the plating solution is too low.The tin ion concentration can maintain the cathode current density and stabilize the deposition rate within the range.However, if the concentration of tin ions is too low, the deposition rate will decrease, affecting the production efficiency, and the coating is easily scorched.

    4. The content of matte tin additive is too low.Matte tin additives can improve cathodic polarization, refine crystallization, and improve the dispersibility of the bath.When the matte tin additive in the bath is insufficient, the tin layer will be rough.

    Therefore, in the production process of using matte tin additives, we must remember the above 4 points, which can prevent the tin plating layer from becoming rough and affect the quality of the plating layer and reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in matte tin additives, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!   
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