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Why are galvanized trivalent chromium passivators popular?


    With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, galvanized trivalent chromium passivators are more and more popular.Why is this?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product galvanized trivalent chromium blue passivator BZ-212, there are 4 main reasons for its popularity:

    1. Trivalent chromium passivator is more environmentally friendly.Although trivalent chromium also contains chromium, its toxicity is 1% of that of hexavalent chromium. It has passed the ROHS environmental protection certification, and wastewater treatment is relatively simple.

    2. The corrosion resistance of the trivalent chromium passivation film is better. The trivalent chromium passivation film does not have the unique self-healing function like the hexavalent chromium passivation film. Once the film is pulled, it is very easy to cause corrosion of the coating.For example, the trivalent chrome blue zinc passivator BZ-212 from Bigolly has been tested by neutral salt spray, and the passivation film can resist white rust for more than 72 hours, which can meet the needs of customers for blue zinc corrosion resistance.

    3. The passivation solution has a wide operating range and is easy to maintain. For example, this trivalent chromium blue zinc passivation agent BZ-212 from Bigolly has a concentration of 2.5-7%, a pH value of 2.2-2.8, a temperature of 20-30 °C, and a passivation time in the range of 20-60 seconds, a uniform blue passivation film can be obtained. It has a wide operating range, uniform passivation, simple passivation solution management, and low failure rate.

    4. Good heat resistance. The heat resistance of the trivalent chromium passivation film is better than that of the hexavalent chromium passivation film. It can still maintain more than 70% of the original corrosion resistance when it is heated to above 200 °C for a long time. This is particularly advantageous for galvanized parts to be heated to remove hydrogen.

    Therefore, galvanized trivalent chromium passivators are becoming more and more popular in the galvanizing market. Bigolly galvanized trivalent chromium passivator can meet all your requirements at one time: environmental protection, corrosion resistance, simple operation and high heat resistance. If you are interested in galvanized trivalent chromium passivators, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information! 

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