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What is the benefit of using zinc powder to treat impurities in a bath of acid zinc plating brightener?


    In baths produced with acid zinc plating brighteners, zinc powder is often used to treat impurities. What is the benefit?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid zinc plating brighteners BZ-528,The use of zinc powder replacement method to remove metal impurities has the following advantages compared to the removal of impurities by alkaline galvanizing process:

    1. Form complex ions with metal impurities.Chloride ion only has strong coordination ability to Hg2+, Au3+, Pt2+, but not to most metal ions or has weak coordination ability, so acid zinc plating can be regarded as simple salt plating.Therefore, it is very effective to use the zinc powder replacement method to remove impurities in the plating solution using the acid zinc brightener.

    However, the alkaline zinc plating process belongs to complex electroplating. When ZnO is mixed, many metal ions form hydroxyl complex ions;Long-term addition of galvanized brightener or impurity remover containing strong complexing agent, impurity metal ions exist in the form of complexing ions for a long time, the activity is very low, the potential is greatly shifted to the negative direction, and the replacement method with zinc powder may be ineffective or very low.

    2. Easy to filter.The viscosity of alkaline galvanizing solution is high, and paper and cotton filter materials cannot be used, and only mechanical impurities with large particle size can be removed.However, the solution using acid zinc plating brighteners has a small viscosity, is easy to filter, and is also conducive to the natural sedimentation of zinc powder.

    Therefore, this is the benefit of using the acid zinc brightener plating solution to remove metal impurities in the plating solution using the zinc powder replacement method. If you are interested in acid zinc plating brighteners, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information! 

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