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How to maintain the bath during the production process of using galvanized blue trivalent passivator?


    What if we have a failure in our production process with galvanized blue trivalent passivator?How to maintain it?

    Last week, we received a call from a customer saying that there was a problem with the galvanized blue trivalent passivator they used, and the workpiece produced was not good-looking and had poor salt spray effect.

    So Bigolly's engineers quickly rushed to the customer's site to get the working solution of blue trivalent passivator for analysis, and found that the concentration and pH of the passivator were normal, that is, the iron ion was 110 ppm.

    Therefore, the master at the customer site drained half of the passivation solution and added new passivation solution, but after two days, there were 90 ppm of iron ions in the passivation solution in the tank, and the master at the site said that there are regular The workpiece dropped from the trough was fished, so the engineer went to the site to check again.

    The engineer went to the site to check carefully, and personally went to salvage the workpieces in the plating tank, and found that there were many workpieces between the air pipe and the bottom of the tank, which were not easy to salvage.

    After the engineer cleaned the workpieces in the passivation tank, he updated the passivation solution, and told the on-site master to salvage the workpieces that fell in the tank every day. Now the fault at the site has been solved. After a week, the passivation tank The iron ion is only 13ppm.

    Therefore, in the production process of using galvanized blue trivalent passivator, we should pay attention to timely salvage the workpiece in the plating tank, because iron ions have a great influence on the appearance and salt spray performance of workpiece passivation.If you are interested in galvanized blue trivalent passivator, please contact Bigley customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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