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How to quickly troubleshoot the galvanized trivalent chromium color passivator?


    What should I do if the galvanized trivalent chromium color passivator fails in daily production? How to quickly troubleshoot?

    A few days ago, Bigolly's customer called and said that there was a problem with the galvanized trivalent chromium color passivator there during the production, and the workpiece was plated with a mottled fault on the surface.

    So Bigolly's engineers quickly rushed to the customer's site and took the galvanized color passivation working fluid back for analysis. The analysis results are as follows:


    Therefore, determine the cause of the failure and the treatment method:

    1. The pH value of the working solution is too high and needs to be adjusted to 1.6-2.0;

    2. The metal impurities of the working fluid are too high, and it is necessary to drain 1/5 of the bath fluid, add water, and supplement the original solution of trivalent chromium color passivator;

    3. The concentration of the working solution is low, and the stock solution needs to be added to the range.

    Based on the analysis results, the engineer communicated with the customer, and based on the above analysis results, the tank liquid was updated, and the color passivation agent for galvanizing was supplemented. After adjusting the pH value, the on-site fault was solved.

    Therefore, we use galvanized trivalent chromium color passivator to produce a failure, and its concentration, pH value, and impurities should be analyzed to solve the problem faster and reduce losses. If you are interested in galvanized trivalent chromium color passivator, please contact Bigley customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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