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What is the reason why the salt spray test of the workpiece does not meet the standard when using the trivalent chrome color zinc passivation solution?


    When we use the trivalent chromium color zinc passivation solution to produce, sometimes the corrosion resistance of the workpiece is poor and cannot meet the customer's requirements. What should we do?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's trivalent chromium color zinc passivation solution BZ-208, there are 5 main reasons:

    1. The galvanized layer is poor, resulting in poor corrosion resistance after passivation.The plating solution of the galvanizing tank should be adjusted to improve the quality of the galvanized layer to improve the corrosion resistance.

    2. The passive film of the galvanized layer is too thin.The passivation film is thin, and the corrosion resistance effect is poor.The thickness of the passivation film should be increased moderately.

    3. There are many impurities in the passivation tank.The passivation tank should be aged in time, or the passivation solution should be reconfigured.

    4. The workpiece baking temperature is low or the time is short.The baking and aging process of the workpiece should be strengthened to improve the quality of aging.

    5. The workpiece is seriously damaged during transportation or assembly, resulting in damage to the passivation film of the coating and affecting the corrosion resistance.The trivalent chromium passivation film has no self-healing function after being bruised, so it is necessary to reduce the bruising as much as possible.

    Therefore, we need to pay attention to the above five points in the production process of using trivalent chromium color zinc passivation solution to ensure good corrosion resistance of the workpiece, reduce the occurrence of failures, and reduce production costs.If you are interested in trivalent chromium color zinc passivation solution, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!   

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