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In our production process using zincate galvanizing additives, What are the disadvantages of uneven coating thickness?


    In the application process of zincate galvanizing additive, we always hope that the distribution of the thickness of the galvanized layer on the workpiece is as uniform as possible.And sometimes the thickness of the galvanized layer deposited on the workpiece is not uniform. What are the disadvantages?

    Bigolly Technology has made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product zincate galvanizing additive BZ-515, which will bring many disadvantages:

    1. The thin galvanized layer cannot withstand sacrificial corrosion, which will cause the substrate to rust first.If a workpiece is partially corroded, it is unqualified, and the excess thickness is actually a waste of galvanizing. In order to ensure that the thinnest part of the galvanized layer does not rust, the average thickness can only be greatly increased, and the cost of electro-galvanizing will increase.

    2. The thin galvanized layer will affect the overall appearance of the workpiece due to the low cathode current density and poor bright leveling performance.

    3. The physical and mechanical properties of galvanized layers with different thicknesses are different (such as brittleness, internal stress, etc.).If the galvanized layer needs to be subjected to machining processing such as stamping and forming, the machining performance of the galvanized layer is often poor (defects such as peeling, cracking, and powder falling off are likely to occur).

    Therefore, we need to improve the uniformity of the thickness of the galvanized layer in terms of corrosion resistance, appearance, and machinability in the production process using zincate galvanizing additives.Bigolly's zincate galvanizing additive BZ-515 has high current efficiency, good throwing ability, and the thickness ratio of galvanized layer in high and low areas is less than 2:1,It can effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.If you are interested in zincate galvanizing additives, please contact bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information!

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