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When using acidic zinc plating additives, how to control the ratio of brightener and softener in the plating bath?


Some customers have inquired about how to control the ratio of brightener and softener in the plating solution during the production process using acid zinc plating additives?

Bigley Technology has made an analysis based on field experience and the characteristics of the acid zinc plating additive BZ-525. The brightener and softener in the plating bath are the key to the quality of the coating. When the brightener and softener are not added in the plating bath, Only a grayish white, matt rough coating can be obtained. When the appropriate amount of brightener and softener is added to the plating solution, not only can the dispersion ability and deep plating ability of the plating solution be significantly improved, but also a galvanized layer with good leveling properties, dense crystals, bright and beautiful appearance can be obtained.

In the acid galvanizing bath, the ratio and content of brightener and softener must be appropriate. When their content is low, the effect is not obvious, and when the content is high, not only will the galvanized layer be brittle, but also the plating There will be too much organic matter in the zinc layer, which will make the passivation film of the workpiece passivated have poor bonding force and easy to change color, thereby reducing the corrosion resistance of the coating.

In the production process, the concentration of brightener and softener can be determined by the method of Hull slot filming. The consumption index for reference is: BZ-525A softener 100~200ml/kAh, BZ-525B bright 150~200ml/kA-hour, but under different process conditions (such as current density, temperature, pH value), there will be obvious differences.

Here, Bigley reminds customers: In the plating bath using acid zinc plating additives, the brightener and softener should be added according to the scientific consumption law, such as BZ-525A softener and BZ-525B brightener can be used 1 The ratio of :1 is supplemented, and the Hull slot filming experiment is used regularly to determine whether the ratio of brightener and softener is deviated, and adjust it in time. If you are interested in acid zinc plating additives, please contact Bigley customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!