Tin Plating Additive Series

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  • The Sn-830 pure tin process affects the coordination of tin ions in the nearly neutral plating solution,thereby solving the phenomenon of sticking of small workpieces.
    It is specially designed for the barrel plating application of small-size workpieces,and can obtain a smooth and uniform semi-gloss pure tin plating layer in a very wide current density range.

  • Sn-819 is a tin plating process based on methanesulfonic acid substrate.
    The coating is bright,suitable for rack plating and barrel plating.
    The weldability of the coating is superior.
    The plating solution does not corrode titanium,ceramics,and glass.

  • Sn-871 is a new environmental protection chemical tin sinking process,which has the characteristics of stable performance,convenient operation and economy.

    Compared with the traditional inorganic tin leaching,the tin deposition rate is faster,the performance is more reliable,and it is not easy to produce tin whiskers,and the solderability of the tin layer obtained is good.

  • Sn-818 is a fluorine-free tin and tin-lead process that can be used for rack plating,barrel plating and continuous electroplating.

    In a wide range of current density,a thin,fine,misty and uniform coating can be obtained.

  • Sn-808 Matt Tin Additive is a low-foam matt tin process based on sulfuric acid.

    The coating is smooth and can produce a solderable anti-corrosion coating.

  • Sn-807 bright tin plating additive can produce a mirror-bright coating. The anti-tarnish coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weldability,and is suitable for rack plating and barrel plating.

    Sn-807 bright acid tin plating additive bath is highly stable and easy to maintain.

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