Plastic electroplating additives series

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  • PL-60 swelling agent is a solvent-based swelling solution that can swell the surface of special polycarbonate resin. The purpose is to improve the uniformity of bite corrosion and promote the subsequent bonding between the electroless plating layer and the substrate force.

    PL-60 is supplied in two concentrated liquids, PL-60A and PL-60B, both of which are used for Solution Make-up and supplementing.

  • PL-7 electroless nickel plating additive can deposit a smooth, continuous, and good adhesion nickel layer on the surface of the activated plastic. Not only the nickel deposition speed is fast, but also the contact that can be electroplated can be established around the contact. point.

    PL-7 has good process stability, simple operation and maintenance. Suitable for plastic and various metal substrates, such as aluminum, steel, copper and their alloys.

  • PL-6 Plastic plating accelerator is a special mixture of dry substances. When it is dissolved in water, it can activate the surface of the pre-cured copper or nickel plastic. This product can provide a wide range of operating parameters, and is particularly suitable for bulky ABS and Noryl products.

    PL-6 Plastic plating accelerator has a good ability to reduce the concentration of metal impurities in the solution, because if the concentration of these impurities reaches a certain standard, it will hinder normal and complete acceleration.

  • PL-5 plastic electroplating palladium activator is an acidic activator, mixed with hydrochloric acid. It is designed for plastic electroplating. This activator is very stable and has a long service life.

  • Roughening additive is a unique surfactant mixture used to reduce surface tension and eliminate Remove the chromium mist and reduce the carry-out in the chromium tank. This multifunctional wetting agent is stable, economical and environmentally friendly.

  • PL-1 plastic electroplating hydrophilic agent (plastic electroplating surface finishing agent) is specially used in the first process of chromic acid roughening solution for plastic electroplating.

    After adding, it will make the plastic surface more hydrophilic, which is beneficial to the subsequent chromic acid roughening solution. Produces more uniform corrosion, especially in cracks, hiding deep holes and joints; it can also protect the chromic acid coarsening solution and extend its service life.

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