Nickel Plating Additive Series

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  • Ni-117 nickel plating brightener has good leveling performance, good brightness, excellent plating solution dispersion performance, and good brightness in low and medium current density areas.

    It can be used for electroplating of deep hole workpieces, and is suitable for rack nickel plating and barrel nickel plating of various products.

  • Suitable for barrel nickel plating process for products with complex shapes such as watches, iewelry, hardware accessories, etc.

  • Ni-301 bright nickel electroplating process has good leveling, fast light, extraordinary brightness. If the tank is operated at 49℃, the leveling and brightness will not be lost. Chromium has good acceptance of nickel without white water lines, which makes this process a good choice to obtain good nickel coating in a short time.

  • ( 1 ) The coating is bright blue and has good decorative properties .
    ( 2 ) The coating has good brightness, toughness and chromium coating performance.
    ( 3 ) Less organic decomposition products and high tolerance to impurities.
    ( 4 ) The plating solution is stable and easy to control and maintain.

  • Ni-320 is an improved highly active nickel coating.

    The coating is deposited between the sulfur-free semi-gloss nickel and full-gloss nickel double-layer nickel system.

    It is the most economical and effective way to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating.

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