Nickel Plating Additive Series

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  • Ni-3000 is an additive specially formulated for the process of continuous electroplating, after plating pure (bright/mist) tin on the nickel sulfamate bottom layer. This additive can make the plated workpiece pass the high temperature reflow test (IR, reflow) without discoloration on the surface of the coating.

  • The process is a sulfamate nickel plating process, the semi-bright nickel plating layer has low stress and good ductility.

    It is very suitable as the bottom layer of precious metals and ordinary metal layers, and is widely used in high requirements such as printed circuit boards, semiconductors, and connectors.

    The field of electronic component manufacturing.

  • The use of Ni-362 pearl nickel additive can obtain a fine and smooth matt white coating on copper, nickel and other coatings. Because of its crystal surface, matt color with luster, and crystal grains resembling the arrangement of countless pearls, it is called pearl nickel and is now widely used It is used for electroplating on the nickel layer of jewelry, watch accessories, kitchenware, sanitary ware, electrical appliances, decorations and auto parts. If the surface is plated with gold, silver, chromium, palladium nickel alloy, etc., it will be more elegant.

  •   After the Ni-351 microporous nickel plating process is used together with Bigley's copper, semi-gloss nickel, all-gloss nickel and chromium processes, the number of micro-holes provided can reach more than 30,000/cm², which can greatly increase the nickel The corrosion resistance of the layer meets or exceeds all current OEM specifications. Simple operation and easy management.

  • Ni-117 nickel plating brightener has good leveling performance, good brightness, excellent plating solution dispersion performance, and good brightness in low and medium current density areas.

    It can be used for electroplating of deep hole workpieces, and is suitable for rack nickel plating and barrel nickel plating of various products.

  • Ni-331. is a new sulfur-free nickel plating process, which can produce a coating with good ductility, moderate brightness and good leveling properties.
    This process is used as a base layer for multi-layer nickel plating and is suitable for iron and copper parts, zinc die-cast parts and polished copper surfaces.

    Because of the moderate coating thickness, this combined coating can provide excellent corrosion protection (especially in Step, CASS and Corrodkote tests).

    There is no need for periodic batch purification.

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