Galvanized Additives series

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  • This process is a new type of alkaline barrel plating process without cyanide and chelating agent. It can provide users with many advantages, including flat coating, better zinc usage, easy handling, and tolerance to scorching of the coating.

  • Black passivator without hexavalent chromium,suitable for rack plating and barrel plating. Used together with a sealer,it can produce a dense black passivation layer on the acid zinc chloride coating. When used with a sealant,the anti-white rust time of 5% salt spray test is ≧72 hours. Excellent anti-impurity performance. The bath has a long service life. Easy to operate and maintain. In barrel plating or automatic wire passivation,the scratches caused by collision or friction will be automatically repaired.

  • Galvanized trivalent chromium black zinc water BZ-216 is a black passivator without hexavalent chromium, suitable for hanging and rolling plating; long service life of bath liquid, easy to operate and maintain; in rolling plating or automatic line passivation, scratches of collision or friction will be repaired automatically.

  • BZ-215 fluorine-free trivalent chromium blue and white passivation agent for zinc plating is an environmentally friendly new product specially developed for electro-galvanizing enterprises.
    The product does not contain hexavalent chromium,so that the produced products comply with ROHS and ELV environmental protection regulations and meet export requirements.
    The discharged wastewater meets the standard. Simple operation,uniform appearance and good corrosion resistance.

  • Galvanized trivalent chromium color zinc water BZ-208 is a kind of trivalent chromium color zinc process suitable for zinc coating.
    A smooth,yellowish green rainbow color passivation film is formed on the surface of the coating,and the passivation film has high corrosion resistance.
    This process is suitable for hanging and rolling plating.

  • BZ-207 is a trivalent chromium color passivation system used on zinc coating. The coating has high corrosion resistance and does not contain organic acids.

    Through a simple dipping process,the product can be uniformly bright,deep color yellow thick passivation film with strong chromium bonding force.

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