Chemical plating product series

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  • NI-811 is the latest generation of high-phosphorus electroless nickel precipitation process,it does not require the use of lead stabilizers. Because it is lead-free,this system can meet the ELV requirements and standards of the automotive industry.
    In addition,the use of this process can also meet the WEEE regulations and ROHS requirements of the electronics industry.

  • NI-809 is the latest generation of lead-free and cadmium-free electroless nickel deposition process. Because it is lead-free and cadmium-free,this system can meet the ELV regulations of the automotive industry.
    In addition,the use of this process can also meet the WEEE regulations of the electronics industry.

  • PD-1 is an acid palladium activator, which can be used in the activation process of copper and copper alloy workpiece before electroless nickel plating.

    PD-1 palladium activator has high activation speed, high impurity tolerance and long service life.

  • Generally,aluminum alloy materials need to be coated with a layer of impact chemical nickel plating on the surface as the primer layer,and then thick bright chemical nickel plating or electroplating copper,bright nickel and other electroplating processes can be carried out.
    Ni-803 is an alkaline electroless nickel plating additive,which can produce a thin,uniform and active nickel layer.
    This electroless nickel layer has a good bonding force with subsequent plating.
    The Ni-803 process is based on three additives for opening and maintenance.

  • ECu-801 is a rapid chemical copper process,which is widely used in the metallization of mobile phone housing,electronics,automotive electronic circuits.

    High process stability,long tank life,easy to control.

  • The MID Au-89 process deposits a thin chemical gold layer on the nickel-phosphorus bath plating layer.

    This product is designed to use as the final coating of MID. Potassium gold cyanide is added separately to the bath to provide the metal content of the bath.

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